Things we use

Activated Charcoal -­ Balances the PH of the mouth, helps prevent cavities, detoxifies Arrowroot Powder -­ Helps draw out toxins, naturally whitens teeth, removes plaque Baking Soda - ­ Neutralizes odor, mild abrasive, tooth polish, helps remove stains, alkaline Bees Wax - Naturally hydrating, increase essential moisture in skin Bentonite Clay -­ Powerful healing clay, removes toxins from the body, mineral remineralization, helps remove stains from teeth, natural detox Cactus Oil -­ Antibacterial, contains vitamin A,C,E,B, also contains minerals such as magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium to name a few rich, helps support tooth Calcium Powder­ - Remineralizes teeth, whitens teeth Candelilla Wax­ - Locks in moisture, Helps protect skin from the elements, allows for smooth application with a wonderful glide consistency, gives product stability, great vegan alternative for beeswax Cinnamon - ­ Antibacterial, odor neutralizer, great source of manganese, fiber, iron, calcium, antioxidant Cocoa Butter -­ Antioxidants, helps fade stretch marks and scars, hydrates skin, skin healer, beneficial for eczema, dermatitis, restorative quality Coconut Oil - ­ Contains lauric acid, proven to be antimicrobial (which is also found in a mother's milk), effective as a skin moisturizer and protecting sunscreen Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) - DE comes right from the earth. DE, or amorphous silica, is a loose, powdery substance, natural source of silica Grapefruit Seed Extract - ­ Powerful natural antiseptic, acts as a natural preservative for cosmetics, antiviral and anti­fungal agent Guar Gum­ - Natural thickener Honey - ­ Naturally antibacterial, acne treatment, antioxidants, slows down aging Jamaican Black Castor Oil ­- Removes impurities from the pores, moisturizer, treats acne, moisturizing, clarifying, opens pores, aids in dermatitis and eczema Kaolin Clay ­- Detoxifying, absorbs odors, absorbs toxins, extracts heavy metals from skin, soothing Licorice Root - ­ Antibacterial, effective in inhibiting the growth of cavity ­causing bacteria Magnesium Powder - ­ Relaxation mineral Mint Powder - ­ Freshens breath, whitens teeth Sea Salt - Trace minerals, also supports tooth remineralization, helps fight bacteria Vitamin E - Antioxidants Xylitol - Helps keep neutral PH level in the mouth, prevents bacteria from sticking to teeth, protects teeth from tooth decay, helps repair damaged enamel Zinc Oxide - Absorbs odors, antibacterial Moringa - Tree of Life!! Contains more that 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, and 36 anti-inflammatory compounds. It also has 18 amino acids, including the 8 essentials that our bodies need to survive but cannot manufacture ourselves (and must be supplied through diet). All this is 100% naturally occurring in the Moringa